Louisa Everett, 1832-1840

Louisa Everett was the third child and only daughter of Otis and Elizabeth Everett. She was born on 1 May 1832. Louisa died on 5 March 1840 at age 7 from consumption.

The South End had a disproportionate number of active tuberculosis cases from 1820-1840 compared to other neighborhoods in Boston. Approximately 15% of all deaths in Boston were from the disease and a vast majority of them lived in the South End. Although the disease typically affected the poor more than the upper classes, industrialization increased infectious diseases in urban areas, thus making a young girl like Louisa more susceptible.


Louisa’s death record. Image courtesy of Ancestry.com


Close up of Louisa’s death record


Louisa was buried in the Central Burying Ground in the Boston Common in Tomb #4. Over the years, the inscription has faded but her marker is still above the door.


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